Spices - How long do they last?

Have you seen an expiry date on a spice jar? It's a rare thing. So we've crafted this handy guide to help you determine when to toss. It's a 3-part test based on colour, aroma and shelf life: Ground Spices 2-3 years Seasoning Blends 1-3 years Herbs 1-2 years Seeds 4 years Extracts 4 years Whole Spices up to 4 years(whole peppercorn, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks , cloves, cumin and cardamom can stand the test of time) If you aren't sure how long a jar has been in your cupboard, try testing the colour or aroma. The colour of your spices should be vibrant, so if the colour has faded, chances are the flavor has to. Now pop open the lid and have a sniff, or try rubbing or crushing the spice

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