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Align's abundance and potential await an organizing rockstar with creative ideas and big energy to put into making their dreams a reality. Minimalism, living simply, and placing value on what's most important is not a trend fading away anytime soon. A very rewarding creative and entrepreneurial outlet, owning this business helps others by helping yourself. Are you ready to answer the call?​

Why I'm selling: I've lived the dream running my own professional organizing business for over 12 years - connecting with such lovely and interesting folk in their homes, creating fresh aesthetic and functional spaces, and receiving hugs and big gratitude in return. Holding client's hands as they change their lives to regain space and freedom really is meaningful work. Work days never ever felt like work, until they did.  That's when I knew something new was calling me. I'm finally ready to start a new business venture - a retreat centre.

It's no coincidence that flamingos are hip right now. Symbolizing inner truth, balance and social vibrancy, the flamingo reminds us to have confidence in ourselves and stop questioning our path because we know in our heart where to step next. I think you know which way to go...

Answering the Call

Align is for Sale

Starting a new business is a bit of a big deal.  It can be scary and take a lot of behind-the-scenes work. It takes time to build a web presence and garner a reputation for quality work and outstanding service. Discovering organizing methods that work for the long haul, experimenting with filing systems and storage products, learning the organizing brain types, knowing what to look for when hiring great staff, and how to organize any space you'd encounter in a home takes years of research and experimentation. Align has built this foundation for you and has a wealth of thrilled clients to back it up!

Are you an organized and powerful person ready to lead the life you want? Have you been considering starting your own business or leaping into a new industry? Maybe you're heading back into income-generation after raising your littles? Wherever you find yourself, I'm so happy to talk 

entrepreneurship and everything professional organizing with you. From holding your hand through the purchase process to handing it all over in one neatly wrapped package, here's a flexible and exciting opportunity awaiting your yes!  Will Align be your next adventure?!

Say Yes

Live Your Dream

-Website, Blog, Logo, Social Media Pages, Testimonials and Google Business Page 5-star Reviews all setup to generate you ongoing new clients

-Cutting edge and proprietary organizing methodology resulting in long lasting change for your clients

-A Pro Organizer's tool kit (and dreamy must-have label maker!)

-Option to continue working with our extraordinary rockstar Virtual Assistant out of Vancouver

-Detailed 60-page Step-by-Step Room-by-Room Organizing Manual to tackle any space you'll encounter

-30-page Business Plan already created for you to garner financial investment and see the road ahead

-Flexible Terms for Business Advising

(up to 3 months of combined entrepreneurship training, organizing training, blog writing, and then assistance via phone calls and emails)

-Top secret list of all our favorite storage products and where to buy them

-A complete Interviewing, Hiring and Training Package to help you build your future team

-Client database and all the administrative, client care, and marketing electronic files. Plus I'm happy to write you a stellar bio!

Sale Price: $135,500

Get rolling into the new year!

Serious Inquiries Only 

Reach out to Paula Blundell

Guelph, Ontario, Canada



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