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Home Organizing Walkthrough

in Guelph, Ontario & surrounding area




We invite you to resist any temptation to tidy before we arrive, as viewing your space as you use it is most advantageous in receiving detailed suggestions that work.


Align offers the DIYer's Walkthrough for $250.

Our cancellation policy requires 48 hours notice, to avoid a cancellation fee.

Why Choose Align:

  • A honed method offering game-changing long-lasting results

  • Professionals who serve your needs first and ask all the right questions to fit solutions that specifically meet your unique challenges

  • Arduous tasks taken off your hands like building Ikea furniture and prepping tax files

  • Additional skills like furniture arranging, home sale prep, smudging and feng shui setup

  • Peace of mind knowing that the majority of your no-longer useful items will be donated, recycled, or re-purposed

  • More work done in less time with well-rounded expertise and the flawless ability to tackle complicated tasks