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Home Organizing 

in Guelph, Ontario & surrounding area


Align extends a one-hour complimentary consultation, which is an informal tour of your space. This is a chance for us to meet, discuss your challenges and priorities, and arrange a plan of action that best suits you. We invite you to resist any temptation to tidy before we arrive, as viewing your space as you use it is most advantageous to the process.


During your organizing session(s), we follow a proven method to stay efficient and focused. Although we have a methodical approach, we do not believe one-size-fits-all, instead we align all that we do to address your specific challenges and meet your unique lifestyle. All personal information is held confidential and we respect your belongings. We take the guesswork out of finding perfect storage containers by doing the shopping for you. 

Sessions usually run for 6 hours from 9:30am – 3:30pm on weekdays, yet we are flexible to meet your schedule by arriving earlier or staying later. Throughout the process, there is much sorting and organizing we do on our own, however it is essential we have you available for stretches of purging. Beyond decision-making, your level of involvement is up to you. At the end of the project, we haul away your no-longer useful items so you’re left with a finished product and peace of mind.


From entire home overhauls to smaller trouble areas, we develop a sustainable plan that you can maintain. We work to ensure that systems and spaces work for you long term, however we are delighted to schedule regular maintenance sweeps if you find you just don’t have the time. Clients with young children often ask us back to tweak key areas as children grow and clothing sizes, toy preferences, and pantry needs change.


Align offers one skilled professional or a dynamic team of two. Our hourly rates are based on our extensive 14 years experience and our ability to work quickly and efficiently. We know your time and money are incredibly valuable. We consider it astute to book a complimentary one-hour consultation or at least dialog with an organizer on the telephone.  It's astonishing how much, or how little, time it takes to organize a space, and a professional can give you an accurate appraisal.


We offer a minimum 3 hour organizing session to make any sort of solid transformation in your space and have a cancellation policy requiring 48 hours notice, to avoid a cancellation fee.

Why Choose Align:

  • A honed method offering game-changing long-lasting results

  • Professionals who serve your needs first and ask all the right questions to fit solutions that specifically meet your unique challenges

  • Arduous tasks taken off your hands like building Ikea furniture and prepping tax files

  • Additional skills like furniture arranging, home sale prep, smudging and feng shui setup

  • Peace of mind knowing that the majority of your no-longer useful items will be donated, recycled, or re-purposed

  • More work done in less time with well-rounded expertise and the flawless ability to tackle complicated tasks