Summer Entertaining Checklist

For those of you who love gathering a crowd of good folks around delicious food on warm summer days and evenings, here's a handy party planning checklist on a timeline:

To Do Two to Three Weeks Ahead

___ Choose a date and time and create your guest list

___ Decide if there is a party theme

___ Plan the food and drink menu

___ Send out invites with details and ask for an RSVP

(Include date, time, location, if they need to wear something specific, what they can bring, is it weather permitting, and ask about food preferences if you require that info)

___ Ensure you have all the necessary dishware, cutlery, serving utensils and glassware on hand

___ Select music and create a playlist

To Do A Few Days Before

___ Create a grocery and beverage shopping list. Go shopping and don't forget the ice.

___ Prepare make-ahead meal items and do prep-work such as chopping veggies. Don’t forget to move any meat that needs thawing from the freezer to the fridge.

___ Clean, tidy and add any extra seating or tables

To Do Day Of

___ Prepare salads, grilling items, and cook meals

___ Wash dishes as you go and empty the dishwasher so its ready for party dishes

___ Set out some serving dishes so that if your guests bring food they can easily take them from tupperware to table

___ Make space in the refrigerator for guest's beverages or add a cooler with ice

___ Add flowers or decor

___ Walk through the house and yard, turn on the music, and set out snacks. It’s party time!

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