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7 Things you May Not Know About Me:

Guelph Home Organizer

1. My super power is creating space for people to feel comfortable and fully accepted showing up in their wholeness. The line I hear most often is “Wow, I barely know you and I just told you my whole life story”. 🤷‍♀️

2. I adore fresh air and sunshine and it has me adventuring to sleep outside under the stars every chance I get. 🏕

3. I’m a recovering perfectionist. Somewhere in the midst of selling a business, moving provinces, supporting a family member through addiction recovery, and a shocking breakup with my ex-fiance, all in one month back in 2016, I learned to let go. To let go of fear, of judgment, of shoulds, indecision, memories, anxiety, plans, promises and expectations. I just let go. Now I still create beautiful functional spaces but without the intense focus and unhealthy need for perfection. 🌸

4. I’m originally from Newfoundland and have lived in NB, AB, BC and now ON. A little piece of my heart still longs to live back on a west coast gulf island. 🌊

5. People are literally shocked when they hear my age. I still get 26 as the most common guess. I celebrated my 40th birthday this year by jumping out of an airplane! I have no secret age serum and am simply grateful for my youthful energy and appearance. 👶

6. I’m a poet. Mostly I write about relationships, sacred sexuality and the divine masculine and feminine. You might catch me sharing pieces aloud at monthly Writer’s Open Mic nights in Guelph. 📝

7. I’ve turned my weirdness into a career! I get excited about potential. I can see through the mess, clutter and chaos to the other side. Often times in initial client consults, I secretly wish I could get started organizing right there and then.🧺

Contact me 🤙 and let me work my magic on your space!

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