Paula Blundell

Owner and Professional Organizer

Wild at Heart. Rooted at Home.

Align was born out of Paula's refinement in creating order and beauty for over a decade in Alberta, where she founded and operated Calgary's leading professional organizing company before moving to Guelph in 2017.


Paula alleviates the overwhelming task of getting organized by delivering strategy, elbow grease and a fresh perspective. Generating the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality in your space, you'll find Paula to be an energetic and non-judgmental cheerleader for your journey.

Combining her high attention to detail and customer care orientation with her open and good-natured presence, Paula naturally allows others to feel comfortable being themselves. Life’s transitions are the perfect opportunity to align your space with who you really are, and Paula is here to propel you where you want to go.

Home is a sacred place where we rejuvenate, nourish and connect with ourselves and those we love. Everything holds an energetic resonance, so messy piles, unfinished projects, items holding bad memories, and general clutter impacts our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Paula's gift is in asking all the right questions, making it surprisingly easy for you to clear what needs to go, opening up room to breathe and transformation in both your home space and head space.


When she's not reveling in the potential of disordered spacesyou'll find Paula camping in the wilds of Ontario, gathering with friends over food, cultivating her mediumship abilities, scheduling in meditation but not quite getting there, and planning her next sun-drenched travel adventure.

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