Editing Your Wardrobe? Ask Yourself This Question.

Organizing most often represents releasing the old version of yourself that no longer serves you to make way for the new evolution that feels better, empowered and more alive.

The secret to organizing your clothes closet is this - Ask yourself what 3 words best describe your ideal situation. What words describe your clothing style and how you want to feel in your clothes. Your answers, or values, will give you a touchstone for decision making.

A sample from recent clients:

  • modern, comfortable and high quality

  • flexible, sassy, tough/durable

  • fitted, age appropriate, and not trashy

  • sporty, comfortable, functional

  • European, poised, high quality

If one of your top 3 descriptors is "comfortable" then it will be easier to let go of that itchy sweater that's so beautiful but you never wear. If you value "high quality", then say goodbye to that cardigan with fabric that has pilled. If you care about clothes that are hip and sophisticated, then it finally makes sense to toss those bohemian flared jeans from your past - or at least tuck them away in a keepsake bin or hope chest for your future children! (yes, this is totally my own personal example! hah)

So, how about you... what are your 3 value/feeling words for your clothing style? Notice how it might also describe your current personality or new version of yourself and what you want to create in your life!

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