Giving the Gift of Home Organizing

If you're considering giving the gift of home organizing to a friend or family member, this post is for you!

When it comes to home organizing, it's very important that the person receiving the organizing is ready to tackle their project, and is wanting to invite a Professional Organizer into their home to see, touch, move, and go through their belongings. It is an intimate experience to invite a stranger into our homes to see inside our every door and drawer, and depending on our unique beliefs, "shoulds" and personal history, it can sometimes be a big step to take. Anyone taking on hiring an organizer will want to feel fully supported, seen and heard.

If they are a "heck yeah, sign me up yesterday!" for hiring an organizer, remember that they need to schedule the time and space into their calendar. Throughout the organizing process, there is much sorting and organizing we do on our own, however it is essential we have the client available for stretches of purging. Beyond decision-making, their level of involvement is up to them.

This is why we do not offer gift certificates. However we have a workaround if that's what you're looking for!

Have a chat with your giftee, or trust your gut here, to know if hiring a home organizer is something they are eager to do, but just haven't thought of it or made it happen yet. Reach out to us and we'll send you a printable e-card for a complimentary professional home organizing consult (we offer a free in-home consult to all new clients) plus a spot for you to fill in an amount of hours or dollar amount that you'd like to cover for their project. When it comes time for us to invoice, we'll bill you directly for the portion you'd like to gift.

At Align, we have a 3 day project minimum (that's three 6-hour days), to ensure there is time to make a worthwhile impact in any home. We'll ask all the right questions so they can make decisions they feel good about, take the guesswork out of choosing storage containers by doing the shopping for them, and haul away any unwanted items leaving them with a finished product and peace of mind.

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